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Massage Therapy


The staff at DFW Skincare Solutions Lewisville can help you de-stress and unwind with our massage services.

  • Swedish Massage (60 mins) $75
    From light to firm pressure
  • Swedish Massage (90 mins) $95
  • Swedish Massage (120 mins) $120
  • Hot Stone Massage (60 mins) $95
  • Hot Stone Massage (90 mins) $105
  • Hot Stone Massage (120 mins) $140
  • Raindrop Technique Massage (60 mins) $149
    I offer Raindrop therapy, also known as Raindrop technique. It is a massage technique that uses top quality therapeutic grade essential oils to provide many physical and emotional benefits to clients. I’m highly trained and skilled in this technique, which I have been providing for more than 18 years. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety; muscle, bone, and joint pain; or injuries, Raindrop therapy can help.  It also assists in detoxifying the body, improving the immune system, and improving emotional well-being.


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