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Brazilian waxing removes everything in your nether regions leaving you completely smooth everywhere under your underwear. Brazilian waxing will help deliver a cleaner and more hygienic body and you don’t have to worry about “escaping tendrils” again. Last from 4 to 6 weeks. This treatment is for men only.

The ManZilian!

The Boyzilian Waxing, Manzilian Waxing , Malezilian Waxing and Brazilian Waxing doesn’t involve much pain at all and leaves one with a feeling of liberation, according to those who’ve experienced it. Some do it for the comfort of their partner, other do it to look clean and hair-free in a pair of trunks, but most love the smoothness and cool sensation of being hair free down there. After all, that cluster of follicles has been nicknamed “bush”, “broom” and even, “forest”, words that have nothing to do with comfort – so why not get rid of it for good?

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Brazilian Waxing for Men - Lewisville / Coppell

What is Brazilian Waxing for Men?

Brazilian waxing will help deliver a cleaner and more hygienic body and you don’t have to worry about “escaping tendrils” again. How closely you trim, shave or waxing your pubic hair is a personal preference. You should do whatever makes you comfortable, whether it’s an apple-smooth look or a more natural look.

Brazilian waxing for men is becoming more and more popular, and as the summer weather, or the sunny beach vacation approaches , you might be considering it as well. Brazilian Waxing – Leaves a vertical stripe in front, two to three fingers in width, or no hair if the Man prefers.

Hair is removed all the way from the pubic to the back part of the buttocks. It looks clean, neat, and smooth. Last from 4 to 6 weeks.

Brazilian waxing is the way to go. A little painful, yes, but the results are well worth it. You will eventually get used to the discomfort, and once you do you’ll never need to prop that leg up in the shower again. You’ll be happy. Your partner will be happy. It’ll be a smooth experience. This treatment is done professionally by a trained female therapist with a high standard of experience.

Behind Closed Door

Yes, you have to strip, but this is done in private away from prying eyes. Lying on the table completely naked, you are told to turn over and lie face down. Wax is then trickled onto your behind to remove its stray hairs.

The trickling of wax feels warm, and surprisingly pleasant. Strips are then stuck onto skin, and before you know it, removed in a blink of an eye. Because it’s done with such swift dexterity, the pain is nearly negligible. After you turn around, hot wax is applied on your most delicate areas and the procedure is repeated in front. Of course, you will feel more tension now and may find yourself twitching slightly.

Next, smaller waxing strips are used for the most delicate of areas, like the testicles, which is perhaps the part where you’ll feel it the most. Thankfully, everything is over in double quick time so it’s all quickly forgotten. Post treatment, you are urged to look at the work done in the mirror. Usually, clients like what they see. But most of all, the brave souls who have undergone a Brazilian wax are happy to have said good bye to unpleasant odors, unsightly tendrils peeking from behind swimming trunks and that occasional but unbearable tickle down under.

Brazilian Waxing Expertise Required

So what really happens during a Brazilian wax? And how can it not be painful (it’s hot wax, after all)! In case you still have the jitters, don’t worry, the pain isn’t too bad, and is short lived, but only if you put this it in the hands of a professional.

Louize Eckerman is well-trained in the intricacies of the art of Brazilian wax. In fact, she has over 20 years of experience and is skilled at Brazilian hair removal. 

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